Comprehending The Distinction In Between Hiring Firms And Job Browse Firms

With good reason, there are a number of major companies in Los Angeles that are using executive recruiting agencies to staff their most sensitive positions, but that has not prevented recruiting firms (colloquially known as headhunting agencies) from developing a bit of a bad reputation. Most of these ideas are born out of a misconception of what executive recruiting firms do and how they operate, and much of the animosity comes from individual candidates who, regardless of how qualified they were, were passed up for potential jobs.

#1. Internal HR Departments Can Generate the Same List of Applicants that Recruiting Firms Can

Executive recruiting firms will not only list job postings through the typical venues, but will also have a vast reservoir of top candidates that have developed a rapport with various agencies in a passive search for a better opportunity. Recruiting firms that specialize in individual industries have their finger on the pulse of the industry as a whole, know the top candidates, and can come up with an action plan that fits the best potential candidates with your business’s culture and needs. Their job is know not only where the best my company talent in the industry lies, but to match that talent with individual employers. Recruiting firms are the matchmakers of the business world.

#2. Paying Retainer Fees is a Waste of Money

There are two kinds of recruiting services agencies provide. The first is contingency search, the second is a retained search in which a company contracts with the recruiting firm for exclusive work. That means the company pop over to this site does not contract with other companies during the process of filling a position. What you’re paying for with a retained search is a process by which the recruiting firm focuses their efforts entirely on your job. Now if you’re hiring for lower level management, it may be perfectly valid to say that a retained search is not worth the expenditure. But if you’re hiring for a high level executive position, then having the recruiting agency’s full focus on your needs is worth every penny.

#3. Executive Recruiting Firms Offer Poor ROI

If all you’re doing is putting a few ads on Craigslist or LinkedIn, then you’re likely to be inundated with applicants. This puts added pressure on the HR department and other staff to conduct the entire process of looking through resumes, conducting interviews, and making the final decision. What ends up happening a lot of the time is a bad hire, which means all those man hours have been wasted and the process needs to be started over again, and this can potentially cost far more money than finding the right fit the first time through would have.

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